About Us


                             (Established 100 years ago)                                                                                                                                                    Leading of the first invention in the world in the field of natural air cooling                       

Simple idea for device :

- Breezair works by natural air cooling which in the best solution to-conditioning open areas and places with high temperatures which can not conditioning  by  traditional devices, as well as working in crowded places with people with high efficiency.

- Breezair can be reach to the temperature to 23-27 degrees Celsius as the temperature of the air outside.

Advantages of device :

  1.  Provide healthy air as it is constantly renewed air.

  2.  Provide electricity consumption, where up to 2 pounds per day.

  3.  Helps to get  rid of harmful pollutants and toxic steam.

  4.  Used for large areas and does not require closing the doors and windows.

  5.  Made from poly Brobbeliyn, which it is against corrosion and rust.

  6.  Help to reduce the main causes of some diseases such as (Flu).

  7.  Remove smells such as ( Benzenes, Tanner, and laks).

  8.  Help to reduce the temperature of the machine, which lead to reduce the machines failure.

  Guarantee :

- Up to 25 years on device body against all weather factors.

- Up to 1 year on motor and pump, in addition to guarantees offered by the company to our customers in the follow up and periodic maintenance of comprehensive services for all types.

Services-After Sales :

The company provides its customers, the follow up and only periodic maintenance of comprehensive services for all types.

                                 Breezair Australian 100% 

Breezair Air Cooler is the first in the world and guaranteed for 25 Years.